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Memory Loss - Coping with Memory Loss - One Man’s Fresh Perspective - Interview with Bill Kelly, Ph.D.


Dementia is more than forgetfulness.  In order for a diagnosis of dementia to be made, two or more primary mental functions must be significantly and negatively impacted.  These core activities include attentiveness, problem-solving, ability to reason, language skills, and visual perception, and the extent of impairment must interfere with a person’s ability to manage everyday tasks.

The cause of dementias, disruption of neuronal function and/or connectivity, can result from numerous factors.  Alzheimer’s disease (AD) the most common form of dementia in people over the age of 65, along with other neurodegenerative disorders are irreversible and progressive in nature, and currently do not have cures for them. Other causes of dementia, however, can be halted or reversed.  Examples of these include hydrocephalus (swelling in the brain), infections, alcohol abuse, depression, brain tumors, vitamin deficiencies, and drugs including some prescription medications.

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