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This material presented draws upon thirty years of work as a psychotherapist, consultant, facilitator and educator.  Over the course of three decades, I had the privilege of working with thousands of clients with issues ranging from acute crisis to chronic mental illness.  Representing all ages, backgrounds, cultures and religions, stages, and walks of life, I have been entrusted with the minds and hearts of people who were homeless, in the military, students, parents, teachers, attorneys, and CEOs.  Collaborating with the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office, I provided psychotherapy services to victims of violent crime.  As consultant, I provided trainings for mental health professionals, emergency response teams, and law enforcement agencies.  As an educator, I have presented at numerous educational institutions.  Addressing a vast array of mental health issues, and challenging life circumstances, I helped people to better understand the dynamics of their situations, recognize choices, and develop more effective life skills.  Inspired again and again by their resilience and dedication, I witnessed thousands of people who, committed to their own personal development, took positive action in their own lives which improved their self-confidence, self-esteem, and their effectiveness.  Mending Minds Minding Hearts shares some of the knowledge and information learned through these rich exchanges as well as through formal professional trainings.  Perhaps the most valuable material presented here comes from the contributions of others (non-clients) who I have found to be sources of inspiration.  Through audio recordings, they share how  they skillfully managed their own challenged.

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