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Life can be challenging.  Fortunately, there isn’t a single situation that others haven’t gone through, and many of these people have both sensitivity and insight that can be tremendously helpful.  In addition to that, there are many people with specialized skills to help us get through whatever comes our way.  

Human beings are not meant to go through life alone; and while the support we need may not come from our first person of choice, there is someone, if not many, who can truly be of help.  There isn’t a single person to have ever survived without the assistance of at least one person, and no one thrives without the guidance and support of many.  In fact, the single factor commonly identified by those reporting a high level of life satisfaction is having at least one confidante.  Whatever your situation is, reach out and get the support that will help you achieve the best outcome.  It’s your life, it’s never too late, and you are worth it! 

Facing a challenging situation?  Listen to people share what they did to overcome their challenging circumstances; you just might be inspired!

Are you or someone you know struggling with a mental health issue?  Here’s some information to help you better understand what’s going on. 

Thoughts create experience.  From thoughts come feelings and actions.  Seeing things from a new perspective may help you to think in positive new ways about yourself and your life, and prompt you to take action that best supports your well-being.

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